About Geneva Analytics, Ltd.
Geneva Analytics, Ltd. provides technical services and support for local communities in the fields of economic development, feasibility studies, business retention/attraction, community development services and communications.

Fred D. Burkhardt has been providing business management and development counseling for more than 35 years.  He has a strong professional background in the fields of economic development, business development and administration.

Major Projects
2001    Researched, wrote and won first place Federal Empowerment Zone Proposal and $600-million in business tax credits
2002    Wrote California Enterprise Zone Re-Application
2003    Researched and wrote proposal for the production of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner
2004    Researched and wrote proposal for the US production facilities for the Toyota Prius
2004    Researched and wrote proposal to develop production facilities for the Airbus AC330 tanker
2006    Honda’s 2006 Assembly Plant– Proposal was one of the final five proposals
2007    Proposal to host Wisconsin venues for the Chicago 2016 Olympics
2008    Developed Walworth County Economic Development Strategy
2009    Wrote and won Federal Grant for $600,000 Rural Development Grant for technical assistance for small business
2009    Developed and implemented $1-million HELP (Hometown Entrepreneur Loan Program)
2009    Wrote and won $1.26 million Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant for entrepreneur training.

Positions Held
President    Logan County Area Chamber of Commerce
Chief Executive Officer    Walworth County Economic Development Alliance
Director    Community & Economic Development  Department, City of Fresno
Director    Economic Development Department, City of Fresno
Executive Vice President    West Covina Chamber of Commerce


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